Apployer free try-out: downloads for your Android app

We are currently offering user downloads of your Android app at 0.11c a download - we also have a user retention platform where you reward the user for engaging with your app for longer. For a limited time, we’ll let you try out our platform for free. This is quite exciting: as soon as you load your app on Apployer, we send out a notification to all users, and they download your app directly from Google Play, resulting in hordes of downloads overnight. If you are interested, have a look at:

After you have joined us through this link, drop us a mail at [email protected], and we’ll top you up with some points to run a campaign for your app and find out how we work for yourself.

anyone tried it?

I just signed up… I’ll let you know what happen.

I tried it.
Good service, 40+ installs delivered in few minutes.
Mostly from south-est (Vietnam, Philippines, India), but few also from US and europe (Italy, Denmark, Hungary).
Keep in mid that installs are incentivized, so you can’t expect great retention rate (20-30% for me on the day after).

I just finished talking to Pieter Grobler from Apployer and I have to say it was a great experience.

I’ll try to be short here but there’s no guarantees.

The Customer Service is great. It was late when I sign up but early this mourning I got an email regarding this post. Pieter was letting me know that he was ready to give me the “Free Points” as advertise here in the forum.

The service is pretty straight forward:

  1. I created a campaign by entering some info like, Icon image, description text and ad title.
  2. Then Pieter added 200 points to my account and I was able to start the campaign. This amount gave me around 40 downloads.
  3. The downloads came from a push notification service they have implemented on their app.

They have an Analytic`s tool where you could see the downloads happening but just to be careful I confirm the downloads with my own analytic and everything was working as they advertise.
they also have a map where you could see where the downloads are happening. Most of my downloads came from, United Kingdom, Austria, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines and Hanoi. I thinks this happened because of the time zone. I’m in Puerto Rico and everyone in the USA is either sleeping or in school.

Apployer have more features like rewarding the user with more points when they keep the app for x amounts of days or if they complete a specific task like clearing a level or buying virtual goods. This feature is completely up to you and it does requires code integration to your app. I saw the code and it just a few lines calling an Intent so no SDK needed or extra permissions. As for this writing Apployer has no unity integration (I’m not that good with JAVA) but it should not be to difficult to implement the rewards script into unity. Pieter told me that he was going to push forward the Unity integration and he will get back to me with an answer.

My opinion:

I’m a really small indie dev. I’ve no money for marketing and as you know you need at least $100 to start a campaign on Tapjoy and $150 on ChartBoost. Been said that, for only $22.30 (US) you get 1,000 points which translate to $0.0223 cents per point. At 5 points per download it cost you around $0.11 cents for a new user and if you ad 1-5 points per reward you have a very good investment.

Lets say you add 1,000 points to your account. You use 500 for the downloads which is around 100 new users and the other points you use them for rewards. Not only you have 100 new users but also you have users playing you game and not uninstalling it as soon as they get their coins (This is what happens with TapJoy and Its actually hurting my ranking).

So to finish this up… TapJoy has a new contender and if Apployer keeps the great customer service and adds more value to their platform I think it could become a serious contender in this saturated industry.

This is all for today and I hope you guys get some help from this post (Also my first contribution to this forum).

God Bless you all and I really Hope you get 10k downloads today.



I have permission to publish the chat transcript. I any of you wants to see it please fell free to ask for it.

This is my game on Google Play. If you feel the need to say thanks, well a “Thank You” reply would be awesome. But if you find in your heart some space for gratitude, I would appreciate a small G+ or a share to any social network you like.

I’ll do the same for your app or game as well

my questions:
How many daily installs are possible?
How much are retention installs? (at least 7 days)

We are quite young, but able to support around 400 daily installs at the moment. However, our user acquisition is very healthy this week - so it’s a very temporary number and will change by the week.

We do not charge extra for retention installs - our platform supports retention with a feature we call in-app rewards. You decide yourself how much you want to allocate to retention, and how much you want to pay per engagement. In principle, you could receive a retention install for 0.11c for the install and an arbitrary amount, say 0.05c for an engagement.

The benefit of this model is that we do not regard a retention install as a generic aim - rather we let you shape and customise retention to suit the specific requirements of your app. This makes it much less artificial, and actually retains the user by engaging them, not retain them because they are keeping the app simply because they are waiting for a reward.

Hope that makes sense. I’ll invite you again, especially to see how we do retention:

Hope that helps!

You could add a “in app reward” for the user and only give reward him/her after the 7 consecutive day of playing.

This is the same model of tapjoy. The only advantage of Apployer is that you choose what the reward would be and when to give the reward to the user.

5 points for sharing on facebook.
10 points for inviting 10 friends to your game.
5 points for tweeting your highest score.
5 points for reaching X amount of points. Etc etc etc.
As you can see, with some ingenuity you could create a very complex system.

Hope this help.

Those examples seem pretty good especially receiving a certain amount of points to reach a certain level. How do integrate something like that?

MilesP: Those examples seem pretty good especially receiving a certain amount of points to reach a certain level. How do integrate something like that?

Here is a copy of one of the rewards I’m planning to run one I get unity to work.

“Complete Level 5”

Include the following code in your app where the specified action occurs:

Intent apployerIntent = new Intent(“”);
apployerIntent.putExtra(“actionId”, “ACTION-ID-NUMBER”);
apployerIntent.putExtra(“campaignId”, “CAMPAIGN-ID”);

I’ve change the action id and the campaign id just for the purpose of showing the script

Use this all around you app or game and make sure you have enough points to keep rewarding your user.

Also, with some planing you could show an ad or two (better with video) and capitalize the users engagement.
Example of this.

A new user + “in app reward” with Apployer cost around $0.15-$0.20 (I’m just assuming. I haven’t tested yet)

Lets say you show 3-5 video ads to the user from first stated the app/game up to the reward. this could translate to $0.06 to $0.10 just for showing video ads.

Can you see the potential here?

I’m implementing this week some rewards and I’ll be testing over the weekend to see if this theory works at all.

Just a side note… I ran a Tapjoy campaign where the users have to share on Facebook to be able to get their rewards. This actions bring around 1-7 extra players to my game for free. This is for every user that shares on Facebook.

Hey, thanks alot for the info. Convinced,think I’ll sign up now and give this a try.

@affiBox can you tell me how you are able to set up these campaigns with tapjoy.
I can only run default incentivized install campaigns without further actions.
Customer support is so bad, didn’t get any answer about this customized campaign topic.

I’ll be more than happy to do it.

You need to create a PPE campaign on Tapjoy. You’ll see this option under:

Apps>Advertise>Pay Per Engagement

You new to create a new campaign and set some instruction for the user. After this you need to incorporate some script on you game that fires a “Action Completed” to tapjoy. After that you’ll get you $$ and the user gets its coins.

Checkout this link for more info:

You can’t integrate something difficult in Tapjoy like “Reach 100,000 points” And it takes forever for them (Tapjoy) to approve the campaign.
The user retention only last around 2 days or 15% -20% (I’m been generous here)
The users uninstall the app/game as fast as they install it.

Is good marketing if you integrate some social features like facebook and twitter. “Share high score on facebook” etc

Tapjoy vs Apployer:

You need at least $100 to start = around 500 engaged users.
They have to approve the campaign and it could take up to a week and a half. Yup, is that bad when it comes to customer service.
Low revenue. You really need to have a great implementation and tons of users to be able to see some cash rolling.
Low user retention (mostly if you app is not that great).

They have the users and all of them are use to see ads and download new apps in exchange for coins.
Users are use to click on ads. Which also mean they also are use to uninstall the app really fast

They are really new and this means not so many users, but my guess is that this will change in the future.

Low entry amount $22.30 = around 200 users or 100 users + engagement
You can set up what ever you think is reasonable when it come to Pay Per Engagement

Here an example between both using $0.20 PPE

Tapjoy: Min $0.20 per engagement and it has to take less than 5 min for the user to be able to complete.

Apployer: min $0.11 + $0.09 = $0.20 and you could set when to give the user the reward. In fact, I think you could set extra rewards for the same user to achieve.

I hope this helps. If you need more info just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to do it.

God Bless


This is my game on Google Play. If you feel the need to say thanks, well a “Thank You” reply would be awesome. But if you find in your heart some space for gratitude, I would appreciate a small G+ or a share to any social network you like.

I’ll do the same for your app or game as well

Becareful with this service guys Google doesn’t allow google play apps to be advertised via notifications or icon ads anymore and they will ban any app that does so if they catch it.

We have disabled the notification a while ago. What are icon ads?