Application Review: BD Train Tracker

So many people travel in Bangladesh by train and in the time of EID FESTIVAL all train are late due to heavy traffic and Govt dont try to hold backup train engin, rather all rail engin start working. Besides train fare is cheap. So all above mentioned phenomena triggered a catastrophe in train scheduling.

[BD Train Tracker]( has come to make you free from the harrasment because now you can easily track the train for which you are waiting for.

--- [BD Train Tracker]( App is for Bangladeshi Train Travelers only ---

Soif you are Bangladeshi and already reserved tickets in train with the intentionof going home, this app is for you.

Download link:

Special Features:
All Bangladeshi Intercity train has beenintegrated to track their location.
▬ Locate any train you want
▬ When it left the original rail station
▬ You will know the next station name of that train
▬ You will know the next station distance
▬ You will know the next stoppage name of that train
▬ You will know the next stoppage distance
▬ Most interestingly, you will know the DELAY time

Till V 1.0 - [BD Train Tracker](
➯ You can track any train location youwant
➯ You can track the delay time