AppKey: Google-compliant alternatives to Notification Ads


Absolutely, positively, undeniably, indisputably, and without a shadow of doubt, …the best Android homescreen app monetization platform.

…cause we are the only one:p

Again spammy actions from you. Why opening new threads with the same subject and text? The admins should at least delete them and warn you for the last time. But banning would work better I guess :slight_smile:

p.s. nothing personal, you’re just doing such a wrooong marketing

Why don’t you open a real thread where you explain why you are blablabla the best, instead of being a nuisance ?
That would be much more efficient.

ok. Thanks for the intel/feedback. Sorry:(

dude, are you a high school kid? please follow a marketing course and learn how to do it properly. your actions here represents the quality of your company and it’s employees.

This guy and Mobario_man would make perfect pair :slight_smile:

Pair or not, can anyone share some info about them? Anyone tried them?

Hey guys, sorry for the misunderstanding. This was indeed a spammy post and I’ve spoken with Serge about it how it hurts the positive developer-centric image AppKey is trying hard to build. Please accept my apology :slight_smile:

Jim Vitek
AppKey founder, Android developer

Hi Jim,

Could you tell us more about your company and the monetizations you’re offering to developers?


Yes please! We could really use a lot more information about what are you doing/are you paying PPD or rev share…

the concept is definitely interesting. I had a chance to email back and forth with Jim and this looks like a solid company. Haven’t tried them yet but they are on my radar!

AppKey, any reply?