Appia App wall?

I’m surprised that there isn’t much information about this company. I came across their ad wall while reading some blog. I went ahead and signed up with them and expressed interest in displaying an all wall. Has anyone actually used their PPI monetizing methods? I know they also have ways to promote your app by advertising but I’m not interested with that. I’m just looking for great app walls. So far I’ve been solely on AppBrain and it literally doubled my income (but still pretty low).

Anyway, any info about Appia’s app wall?

Never heard of them.

There are so many new ad networks popping up these days, so its hard to keep track and also to not get scammed.

After browsing their site they seem to be run-of-the mill.

“Earn the highest eCPMs in the marketplace”

“we have publisher partners that provide from a few thousand to tens of millions impressions a day”

They are displaying partnerships etc, but are obviously talking crap about their stats like most other networks.

If you try them then start with smaller apps first.

i don’t use their ads, but i published one of my apps there and still pending status after almost 2 weeks.
And in their dashboard say something like this

Note: Your product currently is pending review. Appia will review your product within two business days.

2 business day and now almost 2 weeks still in pending status,

The only reason I even mentioned it is because I saw their appwall and they have a very large variety. You can check it out here:

I first saw it when I went to this blog

And after the first paragraph you’ll see the banner for Appia. The selection is really impressive. I’m looking for a good wall that has a lot of variety. AppBrain is great but the selection is kind of boring.

But when I open the appia’s website, I didn’t see anything… That’s wired…

Yes, Appia indeed sucks, they had a limit of how much quantity you had in their network, they accept usually around 20+ app, but if you had more than 20 app, they will not accept your app, and it will go to pending more than a few month, After I email them, they replied to me and said that if you want your app to get accepted at APPIA, you need to make an ad campaign to them, well that pretty much make me stop to distribute my app there


Well.I am using appflood’s appwall, they have two forms-list and panel.

They are performing quite stable with an ecpm of around $1.00.

Good thing is that their CTR is not bad. Users seem to be happy with this way to find more free games:)

I am still trying to find out which ad format combination will give the best ecpm.