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Hello to everyone,
my name is Georgi and I am part of the AppHunt team.

AppHunt is all about the best, new apps available on the Google Play market. We have a great community of apphunters who share the most useful apps they find each day. And we even test each app before releasing it to our public! So that makes us a great source of inspiring apps and user feedback. If you are a developer these are irreplaceable things you can achieve with just few taps to submit your app.

So I want to tell to you more details about the opportunity to submit your app on AppHunt and gain more traction. I will just share here the first 3 reasons from 8 available in our blog post, you can check the others by viewing our blog at: AppHunt - Find the best new apps, every day!

  1. It is FREE. Literally. Everything is free. We don’t tax neither developers, nor users.
  2. We have a great community. It is building really fast and most of our users are committed app hunters. You can get really useful advice about your app functionalities.
  3. Submission takes 2 taps. It is EASY. Click the pink plus button, select your app, write a short description and press Save.

    Here is a link to our blog post:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or problems submitting your app!
We are all about developers and we are ones! So we know how hard it is to gain initial traction!
Leave the hard work to us, you can just sit and enjoy your app’s attention!

yeah .
thats a good app. ratted as 5 star

Thanks, malik! This is great to hear!
Do you have any suggestion for us? Something we can improve and make your life easier or something about design?

Thanks a lot for the rating!

How to cooperate with you guys? Do you work on a paid CPI model?

Hey GodismyCEO,

contact me at [email protected] . For the moment we do blog post reviews and we are on our way to implement the “Featured App” feature. Send us links to your apps and we will tell you how we can help you!