Appflood ppd $0.05 per download?

I would like to know if it is true that appflood ppd is giving $0.05 per download?
Anyone tried it out?
Is it compatible with google play?

currently not sure but that was true before. my suggest is don’t try appflood because of it is only pay per download so the revenue is very very low.
with me appflood is such a …

Yes, they pay PPD + revenue share. Nice money. Use my link for bonus: The leading programmatic mobile ads platform | AppFlood

I only saw $2 for 1k US downloads. Where is $0.05 per download?

No they don’t give you 0.05$ per download. They gave you $8 per 1000 US installs and $1.4 per 1000 non-US installs and you should user their Splash Screen SDK.

Can anyone please tell me. How often do @AppFlood pay to developers.
When does there stats update.?
And has anyone got paid by them ?

I have integrated the Splash Screen in my app.
I get almost 3k downloads daily.
5 to 10% percent US.

How much can i expect from them.

If someone used there SDK please help.

Thank You.

I’ve seen there splash screens and I’m tempted to replace the mobilecore offer wall in application start with the appflood splash screen, I’d like to see some more stats before I make the switch…

Here are my stats from appflood: Bez tytu?u.jpg You get paid every week. If you want to register - please use my referral: The leading programmatic mobile ads platform | AppFlood

do they allow/credit apps distributed in third party appstores?

do they allow/credit apps distributed in third party appstores?

They accept third party app stores. About the stats My personal experience with them is very good. They are the second best after chartboost.

Appflood is not 5 cent PPD so stop advertising that it is they only pay 2.00 per 1000 installs which is 2/10th of a cent per download.

Wow, where did you find that I said that they pay 5cent?

Your signature.

Hi, Kaitlin from AppFlood here, I’ll try to clear up a few things about the Splash Screen SDK.

If you have Splash Screen installed you make money from users who download your own app, and also earn revenue from the ads you show in your app. For your own app, you currently get $2 for every 1000 installs of your app in the U.S. and $1.40 for every 1000 installs of your app elsewhere. You can read more about that here:

Monetize Your Mobile App for Highest eCPM | AppFlood

From the ads you show in your app, you can earn money from CPI, CPC, or CPM campaigns just like with our regular SDK. Here’s some more information on that (it also tells you how to see what kind of campaigns you are showing).

AppFlood SDK 2.0 offers developers CPM campaigns and new ad formats

We pay twice per week. Please let me know if you have other questions.

In the dashboard why does it say $8 for every 1000 unstalls in US:
“Highest Paying SDK.
Get paid for every install of your app.
$8 per 1000 US installs.”

So which one is true, $2 for US installs or $8???

If we only implement and enable the splash screen sdk and only show the splash screen ads and no other type of appflood ads, do we get paid additional for installs from the ads in the splashscreen?

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that the Airpush Bundle 2 SDK for 3rd party android markets does pay up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide.
Shoot me a message if you want to give it a try.

Airpush Nick

It’s $2. It was $8 previously, and I guess we forgot to change it in that one place, thanks for letting us know. Sorry for any confusion.

You get paid for installs from ads in the Splash Screen. That’s the advantage of Splash Screen, you get paid for downloads of your own app AND you get revenue from the ads you show.

Hi Coolapp, i do not know whether you know us EOMOBI
I think our price is definitely high than appflood
For users from high value countries: US$60/ 1000 new installs of your App
For users from medium value countries: US$50/ 1000 new installs of your App
For users from low value countries: US$40/ 1000 new installs of your App

the INSTALL means the users install your app integrated our SDK.
WEEKLY payment

Hi, shuiwo

Give you a chance to use EOMOBI

it is really from $0.04 to $0.06 per download of your app

what is more, it is weekly payment

Do you only pay for unique installs or all installs with your splash sdk even if the user already have another app, a different app with your splash screen sdk on it?