Appealing to Google

Have anyone ever appealed to Google for app suspension, and got their app back on?? I got “intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior” suspension for one of my app, and appealed to Google, but I don’t know if it’s mission impossible or not… :confused:

They will respond with same email
but they will add we maintain our first decision …( i tried it twice)

I have read on the forum that they sometimes revive apps that were suspended. But make sure that your excuse is really good :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

Thank’s for replys. Hoping for the best…

They didn’t reinitiate mine…

They only tend to re-instate an app if the violation(s) were incorrect or there was a very good reason for the content in violation.
Its always worth trying either way as you are entitled to do so.

Note that it could take them a month to get back to you

They did reinstate my app which they suspended for being ‘deceptive’. But it was clearly an error on their part as it hadn’t even been published let alone be deceptive.

It took about 2 weeks IIRC and I never have had an email from them let alone an apology. The app just went from suspended to unpublished again.

Thanks for all replys guys. I just got e-mail from google that they accepted my appeal and my app got reinstated. :slight_smile: I must say they were very fast in their reply (like 12 hours after I appealed) and if anyone get their app suspended, there is a chance to get back your app back on.

Thanks again everyone for your replys. :slight_smile:

good news. Good luck to you

That is great news. Would you mind sharing your appeal so we can see what qualifies as a legitimate reason for them to reverse a suspension?

Great news.

May we know what exactly was the violation and how did you clarified it
Thank you

I have some images in app that clearly don’t violate “intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior”, so I pointed that in appeal and they accepted it.

For the record, could you paste the URL you used to appeal to Google (or the e-mail address - whatever was used).


When you get notification by e-mail that your app is suspended, you’ll get link for appeal form in that e-mail.

strangely i appealed a suspension myself and DID get a response - they turned my request down but it was a response.huge improvement over previous times when they didn’t even bother. My suspension this time for “keywords spam”, a weird one since no 2 words were the same in the whole app listing.

Keyword spam is not neccessarily just repeating keywords. It’s also dropping words that have nothing to do with your app, or using words from other apps just to boost your ranking.

Absolutely true and my listing was on point. the suspension is most likely because of some nice competitors reported it enough times. no big deal, its reskinned and back published, part of the game

I highly doubt that if Google re-evaluated the case when you appealed it. That’s the point of an appeal.
With that said, they are much tighter on their policies these days. A minor slip up is all it takes.