AppBrains AppLift Wall

Hi all,
I’m thinking to try this kind of interstitial that seems to me not too much annoying because it’s suggesting just free apps/games and asking to the user if they like to see new apps/games.
Does anyone have experience with that?
How is CRT and eCPM?
How Do you implemented?
I was thinking to include it when the user complete my puzzle but I’d like to have some smart behaviour to avoid annoy users every time. Maybe something like asking 2/3 times at day and if the user already click stop immediatelly to ask.
What do you think?



I just updated my bunch of my apps with the applift wall. I have been using Chartboost interstitial at the program startup, so i removed it and now test the applift wall. Chartboost had ecpm around 99 cents.

Once again they are promising huge ecpms at the appbrains website (> $10). I would be happy with an ecpm over 2 dollars from interstitials.

Hi Thrasheri,
could you give me more details about how you implement it?
Which option did you use it?

When user starts the app the interstitial pops up. I decided to use the option that the ad comes everytime. I would have used it on app exit, but i have my own exit-menu implemented so that place is taken.

So basically on my apps main menu i call :


It looks a bit annoying.
Did you get any bad reviews?

I implemented it today. I will report what happens :slight_smile: It only comes at the app start up so it shouldnt be any more annoying than any other interstitial, but thats only my opinion.

Thank you,
let me know :slight_smile:

$10 is probably achievable when you show the ad as they suggest once per three days. Popping it in front of the user more often will result in much lower CTR and in result much lower CPM. That’s why comparing CPM’s of different types of ads doesn’t make any sense.

Hi Max,
Did you test that show once every three days produce the best results?
Have you tried once every day or every 2 days?
Have you tried to put some logic to not annoying a user that already download a game recently?

No, I didn’t try any of those, that’s just my assumptions. I also just started with adding AppWalls to my games and don’t have enough data to draw any meaningful conclusions.

It would be a great experiment to try different frequencies. AppBrain offers those remote settings, could use those to be able to tweak how often the ad is displayed. Yes, I like that idea. And I thought I have a free evening tonight, oh damn :slight_smile:

They pay for actions not for click if we know that the lowest price is 20 cents (per install) and that 10 cents goes to developer other 10 cents to AppBrain its not hard to calculate how much installs you need for desired eCPM. For 2 dollars eCPM you need 2% actions on 1000 impressions in the worst case. The problem is that they do not refresh a wall so often at least not for my country.

While 20 cents is lowest price I checked and the suggested price is 60 cents.

I currently have Appbrain Appwall implemented in my about to be released app.

I have it set to run on exit (specifically onBackPressed() as they suggest).

And I have it set up to run as they suggest i.e. “occasionally” (which is handled their method).

Implementation is super-easy.

Only thing to watch for is that you need to add these lines to your proguard.cfg file (for final signed APK).

-keep public class cmn.Proguard$KeepMembers
-keep public class * implements cmn.Proguard$KeepMembers
-keepclassmembers class * implements cmn.Proguard$KeepMembers {

This is standard for some ad SDKs - as you don’t want to obfuscate some of the SDK calls.

The appwall appears at the end when I exit the app - and that too occasionally every few days.

This is what Appbrain suggests according to their research - and if true - it may be because if you show it TOO often it becomes part of the user’s knee-jerk reaction to “always press skip”.

If shown less often it is possibly likely to make user think that “oh let’s see what else new has appeared on that app wall” or something like that.

I considered using Appwall at startup - however I could not mentally see why someone running the program would all of a sudden want to go see new apps via the Appbrain Appwall.

Same goes for in-game.

The appwall perhaps should be shown at a time when the user is likely to be bored with your app and ready to move just about anywhere else.

Which would fit the usage pattern suggested by Appbrain i.e. put it at the end.

I have seen that if presented less frequently it does not seem as irritating - in fact because it does NOT appear most of the time and them sometimes appears it MAY invoke some sense of novelty which may make some users click and goto the Appwall.

You can manually invoke the Appwall on demand as well.

But the suggested use is via the intervening “Yes I want to see/ No thanks” type of mini-dialog which appears before the appwall.

So those not interested will click the “No thanks” and not see the Appwall.

I don’t know about it’s performance yet - but it just seems like a clean design at least.


To the person who was using Chartboost prior to Appbrain Appwall.

I have been wanting to fill the app startup interstitial area with some type of ad - the Appbrain Appwall does not seem to fit (or maybe it does as someone posted above).

But what does Chartboost offer ?

I have implemented Greystripe so far - for full screen interstitial - but hear they may not offer ads outside u.s./europe - and for that reason was thinking should have some alternative that I can show if greystripe is not available.

Any suggestions for full screen interstitials - that are preferably impression based - or even if click-through based - if they are cleanly implementable and have good fill rate ?

Video ad ones would be even better if they were available.

Hi guys,
today I published a new release of my game to Amazon AppStore but they reject it because of AppBrain AppWall.
They say that the apps in AppWall are point to Google Play and that is not allowed.
Anyone have experience with that?


Ads on Leadbolt also point to Google Play… which ads are allowed by them then ? :S

This is strange - admob does it too and they allow it. Maybe try resubmitting? You will probably get another reviewer that won’t be so thorough.

Hi guys,
I contacted AppBrains and they tell me to use More Games button to open my own games.
I will do when I’ll have it more games to show :slight_smile:

Anyone knows AppWall that support Amazon AppStore?


Hi guys,
I actually make hidden the button for Amazon AppStore.
Is there a way to detect if the game has been downloaded by Amazon AppStore and automatically hide it?

Easiest thing to do is to publish different apk to Amazon than to Google Play. The way I do it with my games is I have 99% of the games’ code in a library and have separate projects for each store I submit to. Those projects reference the library and differ only with manifest files. Based on the metadata from the manifest file I slightly change the behavior (for example I open appropriate store for a particular version of the application, etc.).

Hi Max,
this is the way to go! :slight_smile:

Thank you,