Appbrain results?

Anyone is using appbrain in his apps? What’s about results, ecpm, fill rate, etc?
Good thing that you can transfer earnings into campaings and promote apps.

AppBrain was great two years ago. Now… not so much. Try it though - new users often install from their appwall (it’s CPI) not knowing what it is exactly but when they get used to it, they just ignore it completely (since it always looks the same). It might give you good results if you have many new installs/users.

I use AppBrain offer wall. I send user to offer wall (one time in every 3 day) when they close my app by clicking Back button.
I think that it is effective tactic. It brings me about 30-50% of revenue that come from Admob banners.

Stick to the AD networks you use. The problem with Appbrain is their prices got higher and less developers use them . The less developers that use them , the same ADs show and less gets installed. Its better to stay with the networks you know.