Appbrain Payment - How it works?

Could someone explain me how Appbrain Payment works? 7th of this month i request a payment via Wire Transfer and i didnt receive transfer yet. How long take it?

Thank you.

Anyone can help?

Where to add Payment details in AppBrain website by the way.
I did not find any place where they ask for payment details.

Where did you add?
OR You need to ask them for wire transfer(with your bank details) when some certain $ threshold is reached?

I haven’t corresponded with them in a while - but you may want to contact [email protected] - and you should have one of the co-founders respond - and they will ask you for the wire transfer details.

That was how it was some time back - and maybe same still.

Ok, just checked - the AppBrain page (once you have an id and have everything working and apps are making money etc.) - on left side there is Payment Details - where you can specify Wire Transfer or Paypal details.

Sometime back it was slightly kludgy in the whole login process (complicated by their not requiring any APP ID - basically you have to publish the app with their SDK and then they add it) - maybe they have improved that - but in any case, if you have problems just e-mail [email protected] and you should get good response from the co-founders who reply etc.

I have sent a message from Contact Form from AppBrain Preferences, i’m waiting from answer.
I hope have message back…

how long take withdraw your money since you have available in next 7 days after end of month?
Via Paypal and Wire Transfer.
Thank you.