Appbrain paid campaign

I have used appbrain long back without any understanding of few parameters at all.
Result? Could not understand the effect of it. This time want to get familiarity.

CPI bid?
How does it effects the campaign?

Bid optimiser?
Their sample example is showing as bid=$0.60, Installs=755, Totally daily cost=$392
Does it mean that campaign of $392 will only help with 755 downloads in a day??

What should be the favourable campaign time? I mean weekdays or weekends for maximum effect.
I have a budget of around $250.

They mentioned following on Overview page of Promote tab. what does it mean?
“Potential monthly impressions: 4,997,000
CPI bid is $0.60”

what should be the daily limit of the campaign budget wise?
shall i choose minimum budget per day and expand it for more days or just finish in 4-5 days?

Kindly share your experience.


int main()
long int yourAndroidKnowldge=10000000;
int youHaveInfo=1;
bool youAreSilent;

if( (1 == youHaveInfo) && (youAreSilent == true) )




What your asking is pretty easy stuff really, so I hope yourAndroidKnowledge =+ WhatIShare

  1. There are only limited impressions available within the ad network, so the middle man (AppBrain in this case) is making advertisers wage bidding war - those with high bids (how much your willing to pay for an install or click) will get bigger share of the cake, but to promote diversity and not to create ‘winner takes all’ situation, while the highest bidding man gets the biggest slice, some is left for others.
    Frankly: The higher your bid, the more impressions your campaign will get and more clicks as a result, which translate to more installs in given time. Time here is a critical factor: if you need lots of clicks in short time, you will need to bid very high. If you have time, you can bid low and wait patiently for ad money to run out - this will create maximum amout of clicks for budget spent, but can take very long time. Also keep in mind, that very low bids will probably get next to 0 impressions, thus will take infinite time to run your budget. That is why ad network (AppBrain) is giving you a hint: how many clicks you can expect within time frame, so you can make some decisions about your bid.

  2. That is what bid optimiser is: with $0.6 you can recive around 755 installs per day, that will cost you $392 per day - it basically means you will run out of budget in first day and with $250 will get around 416 installs.

If your budget is $250 total, you should probably streach it a bit by lowering bid - you will get more total clicks/installs by doing that (so you get more for same amount of money spent), but it will take a bit longer - bid optimizer will help you with that, but if $250 is your whole budget and your aiming at boosting just 1 month of advertising, you should bid low enough to spend around $9 per day.
If your budget is $250 per day, you should still bid lower, up to a point when you get clicks per day for exacly $250.

  1. What is your effect? Can’t tell you how to get maximum effect if you don’t state what it is. Assuming your effect is optimal cost/click in given time frame: it depends on too many factors to give definite answer and you will have to test that.

  2. Monthly impressions: how many times your ad will be shown to people with specified ad bid. If you lower your bid, impressions will go down, and so will go clicks and installations.

  3. Depends on your aim: do you need a quick burst of users or have a well worked out monetization and want to earn on each installation?

Most people will want a 1-month burst in first month within publishing app on google play. If that is your aim - optimize campaign for that.

Its definitely myAndroidKnowledge =+whatYouShared

You just explained entire info in small capsule size post. short and needful all what i wanted to know.
I will plan based on this info + little more research

Thanks a lot !!!


Bitten lots on nails on the table and thought that i am getting
600-700 downloads in my 1st App
400-500 in 2nd App
40-50 in 3rd App

all without spending any money on the paid marketing.

shall i go for the promotion of my new apps within these apps?

I have done so by adding “more cool apps” button. But looks like no visible difference as one of my app is getting download of 40/day despite of this cross promotion.
Shall i show pop-ups promoting my new apps in between the user session? Does it work or make sure that user will delete every single byte of the app from his phone?

No more nails are left to bite, nothing came to conclusion as well.

Alright I don’t know too much about app brain but I will tell you this its better to target a country that might give you a chance to rank before spending money. Otherwise you won’t rank and your rate of return won’t be good or make back your money. Honestly $250 I would save that money at 400 installs I don’t know of any country off hand that you could rank in top 100 in. Now you will get a good amount of people that will tell you no spend the money and take the risk but I am telling you thats not a good idea. Now if you had $500 then yes 800 downloads can rank you in smaller appstores in the top 75 where you have a chance to get organic downloads.

I am telling you from experience , right now I am battling myself to reach top 50 in India store and its freaking hard. I am hovering between #75 and #68 spot right now but I need to get to the top 50 or I lose money.

The name of the game is Bomb Attack Max here is app annie link but you have to be signed in. It takes research and even then things can go wrong. I havent reached the top 50 or 25 and my funds are scary low. I though I would be around top 30-40 by now and I am not. But I did everything right , still sometimes things dont go the way you want them too even with planning. So its best to really plan your strategy out to make money. Good luck!!

Bomb Attack Max - Daily Ranks | App Annie

Lastly burst campaigns over 4-6 days yield best results for new apps. With the 1st day being most of the downloads like if you have 800 downloads then
1st day 300
2nd 200
3rd 200
4th 200
5th 100

By the 3rd day google should give you your new rank. There is so much more but I am really busy hopefully I gave you enough insight as to what to do. If you got more questions hit me up here or PM me.

Looks like you have gone through a lot and far in paid marketing.

thanks a lot for sharing your analysis.

my daily quota of aquiring knowledge is getting low slowly.
i need some charging.


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