Appbrain income

lol a week is a big period, from what i see now they update the dashboard everyday at around 7 am GMT

yeah your right but all new networks have issues, now they are more stable

first they said it’s website bug and they will fix it and they still got The records and they will put them in the dashboard. then later they said because my app didn’t make any impressions so the dashboard stopped which is Totally wrong cause i have integrated other apps as well with no impressions and i get 0 status daily . so now it’s been aweek and about 5k daily installs and no dashboard status so it’s totally BULLSHIT! tell me 1 reason why should i keep going with them ?

i dont know man, i didnt have any problem like that

if you want more suggestions for middle east traffic there’s appnext, i get 0.25 per install from them in middle east traffic and they have real time dashboard

i saw their trailer but it seems only suitable for games apps. what kind is your app and how often do you their interstitial ads ?

it was like a test app, its the stupidest app ever! see screenshots!

funny thing is that arabs liked it xD

You gotta be kidding with me! you probably should make an application about Turkish series they will love it so much
so do you make any revenue from your apps since most of em for Arabs .
i have alot of users from Saudi and Egypt and banners ecpm is 0.17$ >.<

the store is filled with this type of apps and users do like them more than real apps
like this stupid app store that i made in half an hour its getting 700 downloads daily

yes i do, for banners airpush is good in middle east
i haven’t updated these arab apps to the new policy yet so they still have airpush icons and notifications

i have seen your ecpm with mobilecore Capture_zps3fd0c98d.png Photo by eyadse93 | Photobucket
so what is your daily active users and what type of ads do you use ?

offerwall and icons
in the first app most revenue is from UK they have high bids there
active users are 5000 but its a highly engaging game so its like 20000 in a tool app

well i’m going integrate their new sdk today and see the dashboard tomorrow .
Thanks for your response eyad :smiley:

ok, good luck