Appbrain income

here is my August appbrain interstitial ads report


Daily active users about 10~13k

What do you guys think? should i keep using it or switch to another ad network like appflood?

for that number of installs you will get more revenue with mobilecore or appnext (depending on your traffic)

50% of them from Asia

Where do you place appbrain interstitial? Exit-ad or more games button?

i put it as Exit ad

You should put it at Start up too. I get much better CTR on my full screen ads on start up than I do at exit.

I think it is not that bad. You may try other networks, but after a while, all networks revenue goes down. At least AppBrain is one the most secure ad network you can use without thinking get banned. Clean permissions, well-known network.

I tried startup last week with their 3d unit the download rate to impressions was 1:500 and ecpm 0.33

Haha I’m not referring to “StartApp”. I’m saying “start-up”, as in launch of your app.

oh sry didn’t focus on your talk
i think it will be annoying for the user besides appbrain doesn’t have appwall only interstitial ads

Appbrain do have an appwall. In fact, that’s all they have. The banners and the interstitial are only means to direct people to the appwall.

if its west asia (middle east) then mobilecore will give you much better results

i don’t feel like going with mobilecore they are still new. probably i will keep going with appbrain and appflood

Ok, looks like your happy with 0.17$ per install

i tried mobilecore and i have issues with them in the dashboard , i’m oky with that revenue but of course if there is a chance to earn higher i will take it.

Mobilcore is not so new, it has 6 months, but I have to admit that from technical side they look not so professional, maybe they are better with classic pc soft.

yes their dashboard is not that good, i don’t know about the technical side before because i start using them this month and i don’t see any problem
i don’t know why you guys choose the ad network depending on reasons like(dashboard, well-known network, …etc)!
i choose the network that give me higher revenue (if they really pay and have good payment date)

well in my cause no dashboard update since a week and my app is being installed 5k daily and i got no issue at all in the integration so what’s your opinion now?

You are right that at all revenue is the most important, but when I see that they cannot do well things like SDK&documentation I have a bad feeling about this. They are ad-network, they should be good at marketing side and at least look trustful and reliable. It’s highly visible that it’s fork of ironsource, they don’t feel mobile atm, it’s getting better since I saw them first time but they have a lot to learn. (I write about technical side all the time)

In Eastern Europe, i get 0,1$ per install from AppBrain.