AppBrain CPI

Has anyone from you tried AppBrain pay per install?

Maybe this question can be extended to more general one. Has anyone ever tried pay-per-install system?

I haven’t tried AppBrain, because it was a minimum $100 deposit and I just wasn’t prepared to put that much at risk for an experiment. Plus, I’m not actually making a great deal of money per user, so it probably wouldn’t be a profitable endeavour.

Would be interested to hear anyone’s experience with PPI systems though. I suspect running a PPI campaign over a short period of time would help boost your ranking in the Android Market. Maybe investing a couple of hundred dollars into a concentrated campaign immediately after launch would be enough to reach the “Top New Free” list?


I might give it a shot just to see what it does. Yes, you need to deposit 100, but it looks like you can try a day of it, at a cost of 25 bucks, and then you can get a refund for the remaining 75 if it doesn’t work out.

Anything higher than the min bid is probably not profitable for my apps, but if the app really gets installed with the min bid, then this might actually be worth it. Finding a profitable way to advertise could make a huge difference.

I might try it in about a month once Caveman Pool is more mature. Caveman Pool will be my target because I expect this app to be more profitable per user than my other apps. I will let you know my results.