App vanished from rankings worldwide


My latest app was doing very good in terms of ranking. It was #11 in Top New Free category in UK… Top 100 in Top Games. Top 10 in Strategy category… It was also ranked in around 40-50 other counties and also appearing in Top New Free in 50-100 countries.

Last night I went into the play store and my app had been vanished from all the categories. I did some digging around and it has vanished WORLDWIDE. How can this happen? Is this something we must just learn to accept or is there a reason behind this? I haven’t received any emails from google about any suspensions etc…

If this is something we just have to accept then I’m seriously considering my future with Google Play and focusing solely on the App Store. Who in their right mind would want to invest money in marketing to get an app ranked only to have it randomly vanished from all rankings worldwide?

I tried contacting Google but they just give me their standard excuse about algorithms…

EDIT: The app is over 2 weeks old and I had been maintaining the positions stated above for over a week.

Did you buy reviews or took part in review exchange in various facebook groups, by any chance ? I once had an app banned because of this. And they
specifically mentioned “Using methods to influence rankings” as the reason. This happened after, I found my app not appearing in trending or moving up in it’s category, even
after getting 5000 to 7000 downloads daily for more than two weeks.

I can’t say I have. Whats to stop others from just buying fake reviews and shutting down other apps?

How long before they contacted you with “Using methods to influence rankings” as the reason? Did it affect your other apps? How long did the ranking ban last for?

The contacted me after 2 weeks. The ranking ban was silent. They later suspended the app and sent me that email.

Thanks for responded. Did this affect your other apps? Did you resubmit the app again?