App Update Rejected

Hi guys,

I published my app’s update which was rejected. I appealed against the decision but I have not yet received any reply from them. It’s been more then 5 days and I have not yet received any reply…

Anyone here ever faced this issue

the app is still live though only the update was rejected and it was their mistake I am pretty sure cause the app didn’t violate any policy rule

What’s the reason for the rejection.
It happened 2 times to me last month. First time they replied in 4 days, the second time it took more than 1 week.

Network Abuse Violation

So your appeals were approved or rejected? what were the reasons for your apps rejection?

Both where about wrong Content Rating not conform to Ads served in the App. Both appeal were denied.


The ad network you are using should provide a filter or other means of defining the content rating of the ads (which needs to match the content rating of your app). If you are using a filter and the update still gets rejected, you should contact your ad network to see what’s going on.

Good luck!


what ad network was that?

First time was StartApp.
Second time was AdMob.
Both Networks I set up filter to not show Dating Ads (in StartApp my account manager did it for me and in AdMob I did myself)
So I guess the problem was that both Networks failed to categorize the Ads properly.
(AdMob even write in their page that the filters aren’t perfect and that mistakes may happen and they not assume any responsibility anyway)

It’s been more then a week and still no reply losing rankings and revenue here

Network Abuse Violation? Do you have Youtube feature or webview in your app?

No YouTube but yes webview