App suspended for wrong reason? wtf

They suspended an app for “sexual content” that didnt have any sexual content! And then the account was suspended! Theres no way I can even appeal this they just ignore me?

What the heck? What am I supposed to do? Is there a number to call and speak with someone at google about the issue? This isnt right, I was making $60-$90 a day on this account and the app they took down didnt even have sexual content. None of them did! Whats going on!!! THIS IS MY ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME RIGHT NOW!!! This is not fair

Maybe is the ad you used shows sexual content? Which ad network are you using?

Startapp and airpush. I highly doubt that is the issue since they are big legit ad networks.

Big don’t mean legit :wink:

Its probably airpush isnt it? So many complaints and suspensions because of them. I know someone who has a suspension because of their EULA which is supposed to be compliant. So ridiculous they screw developers like this

I would say so, yes. Startapp is not too far away from them either

They are taking down Airpush apps every day. @toxic I dont think StartApp will go down because Airpush had users sign an EULA every time you open an app and thats just crazy. StartApp just shows ads like Chartboost or Revmob.

the bot is not human the humans dont give a F… nothing to do. If they review your store, they will dig more and ban the entire account. Google is complete BS, but the biggest market. Kinda efffed up.

youre probably correct. airpush was always on the edge, dont know much about startapp, i just have a bad opinion about them, probably because of their net60 payments haha :smiley:

its net 30 ive used them for over a year. definitely net 30

So in the email you find a from to appeal the decision. You appealed it ?