[APP][SECURITY]Remote Security Suite for Android

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Remote Security Suite is a tool for Android devices that allows users to remotely control several security related aspects of their devices. Remote Security Suite can remotely ring, lock, wipe and locate the device just by sending the “Key Phrase” set by the user to the device. Remote Security Suite can be a helpful tool in case you have misplaced your phone and need to find it or remotely lock the device or securely wipe your data.

To ensure maximum security for your device, Remote Security Suite provides the following features:-
Alarm - Remotely ring an alarm on the device in case it is misplaced or to alert.
Lock - Remotely lock the device with a password by sending a pre-defined Key Phrase.
Wipe - Remotely wipe the data (call logs, SMS logs, contacts, settings, files etc) on your device by doing a factory reset.
Wipe SD Card - Remote Security Suite also provides the users with the ability to remotely wipe all the data on the SD Card of the device including pictures, music, documents and other files.
Locate - Remotely locate your device. The device automatically texts back it’s GPS location on receiving the pre-defined Key Phrase.
Time-based Locating – The users can set a time-interval after which the device will automatically text it location back to number from which it got the Key Phrase as the SMS (like 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec etc).
Distance-based Locating – The users can also configure the app to send its location to the number from which it got the Key Phrase when the device moves a specified distance (like after every 10 meters, 50 meters,100 meters etc.).
SIM Card White-list - Create a white-list of SIM Cards that can be used with the device. If any other SIM is inserted, the device will text its location back using that new SIM automatically.
Backup Phone Number - Specify a phone number that will be used to text the location of the device if an un-authorized SIM Card is inserted.
Password Protected Login - Set a password to access the app. (optional)
Quick Launch from Dialer - Option to launch the app quickly from the phone’s dialer instead of opening the app drawer / menu.
Device Admin - Configures as a ‘Device Admin’ app to avoid accidental un-installs. To un-install manually, just remove it from the ‘Device Admins’ list.
Hide incoming Key Phrase - Incoming message containing the key phrase is hidden from the user.
SMS Confirmation - Send SMS confirmation of remotely performed actions.

To use any of these features to track the device, you need the app installed on the device. Then in case you misplace it for any other reason want to use any of these features to perform the corresponding action on the device you need to send the Key Phrase that you set for a particular action using another mobile phone. Once your device receives the Activation message as a SMS, it will automatically perform the action that corresponds to that particular Activation SMS.

There are two versions of Remote Security Suite that have been released – one version is designed to run on normal android phones and tablets(with SIM card facility to receive SMS) and the other version called “Remote Security Suite + Root” that has been designed to work on rooted android devices. The Root version of the app has an additional feature to install Remote Security Suite as a ‘System App’. Installing as a system app means the app are installed in the same place as the default apps of the OS like the Phone app, Camera app, Messaging app etc. Therefore like all these apps, Remote Security Suite is not removed from the device normally or even if the device is ‘Factory Reset’.

Google Play link for Remote Security Suite : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ramandeepbakshi.remotesecuritysuite
Google Play link for Remote Security Suite + Root : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ramandeepbakshi.remotesecuritysuiteroot