App review exchange with SmoothReviews

There’s a new site - SmoothReviews - allowing you to exchange app reviews with other developers. You don’t have to pay anything for it - the more you review yourself, the more reviews you get. You can chose the apps you review, which is pretty cool as well. Check it out.

If you sign up with the link below, you get an extra app slot (I already have unlimited ones, because I signed up during the beta period):
SmoothReviews - Unlimited free reviews for your apps

Here’s a blog post I wrote about it with some additional details:
Android Dream Revised: App review exchange with SmoothReviews

That looks like a great idea. How many users inside now ? The number can be effect to exchange results!

Will definitelly check that out!

The screenshot thing turns me off, I have no idea how to take a screenshot with my Nexus 7.

Ok, figured it out but its a really crappy method. Tryig to hold down both the sound button and the power button at the same time just shuts off my browser most of the time(makes the review thing go away) instead of taking the screenshot and I have to write the review again. They need a button for screenshots.