App Rejected for Keyword Spamming?

App just got rejected for keyword spamming. Below is my exact description I do not see anything wrong here, if you guys do then please let me know.

Like Dragon Eyes and Blur Effects? Download this Live Wallpaper and watch the colored eye change colors with awesome camera blur effects.

  • Simple app to Install - Download the app and follow the setup instructions after opening the app. You can change the speed of the color changing animation of the Dragon Monster eye.

  • This awesome animation was made using adobe after effects to make the best possible animated live wallpaper for your android device.

  • Download this fun awesome LWP live wallpaper and checkout my other cool live wallpapers.

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@DroidGenie I don’t find anything wrong in description .Could it be because of Like us on Facebook at word “Facebook” ?I am not sure though.What about app title ?Does it start with any popular brand/app name ?

Why did you use "adobe after effects "?

The word Facebook not the problem. I have it many in my desc like: “Follow our facebook fan page :”.

Two possible word is: “adobe after effects”, “Dragon Monster”

Google is really stupid you should appeal the decision

What is “Dragon Eyes and Blur Effects”? Some apps by other developer?

they not gonna tell exact reason because it will reveal a lot of information about their algorithm.

I would advise, remove adobe after effects and reduce the frequency of the word “live wallpaper” to maximum 2 times. Also increase length of description to reduce the keyword density of the word live.

the live wallpaper is a dragon eye and it has blur effects i made the animation in adobe after effects I resubmitted app again with same description and 2nd time was approved so not sure what happened I use similar description for all my apps. I think it was a glitch, I also appealed but no response yet.

You can download my app here to see it in action.

@DroidGenie "Welcome to APK-ANDY-Live-Wallpapers where we strive on bringing you the best content and live wallpapers. " This line added later or is it promo text ?

in beginning of 95% if my app descriptions.