App rejected by google store 3 times! What am I doing wrong?

Hi everyone,
I got this message from Google Play Support that said

This is a notification that your application submission, Zombie****smash, for package ID ******, has been rejected. If this submission was an update to an existing app, the version published prior to this update is still available on Google Play.

Please address the issue described below, then submit an update with your changes.

REASON FOR REJECTION:Violation of the Google Play content rating policy.

These guidelines apply to all content in your app, including user generated content, in-app products, and advertisements.

After a regular review, we’ve determined that your app has an inaccurate content rating. Please retake the content rating questionnaire for your app and resubmit your app for publishing.

All submission rejections are tracked. Repeated rejections due to policy violations will result in app suspension, at which point this app will count as a strike against the good standing of your developer account and no longer be available on Google Play.

If you feel we have made this determination in error, you can submit an appeal on the Google Play Help Center.

The Google Play Team

I don’t know what they mean by inaccurate content rating! This is my first app and it’s a game as you see it’s about smashing Zombies for kids, also I have admob ads on the app.

They don’t give enough info in their emails, they sent me 3 “automated emails” that said the same thing,
although I kept changing my answers on that “content rating questionnaire” and changing my app from
everyone to medium maturity!
I sent them an email yesterday and no reply!

What am I doing wrong?

Zombie game for kids? You need to up the content rating for older people. Zombie games can’t be that kid friendly

Thank you! I did that and they approved my app, I wish I asked here before :slight_smile:

Are you copying my game?

There is literally thousands of apps about this subject
and all of them copied your game, bro I think you should report them all lol

They all copied Ant smash anyway…