App ranking : country targeting. 1st tier or 2nd tier?

almost all developer want to make it to US market especially for games.
but getting app ranked in top 50 is hard even with bombardment of good reviews / rating.
it seems reviews doesn’t drive downloads, but advertising / promo does.

so my question is, should i go on US as target, or targeting easier second tier with good cpm like sweden or australia?
will high rank in second tier market push rank in US?

let me know your strategy

I think second tier, USA is big budget for huge CPI campaign, gambling with DMCA(competition reports riddiculus things like pinguin image similar to them) or big luck.
I know a man, who have 200-300$/day with arabic countries :slight_smile:

How many ratings and reviews you get.I know lot of case lot of good reviews,less uninstall,daily download and g+ helps lot to get higher rank in google play which means lot of install can come.