App not searchable in Playstore a week after publishing!

I’m a new Android developer and have just released my first app. The app was published on the Playstore a week ago, and I could find it on the store shortly after publishing through using the direct URL or through searching for the exact ID. Unfortunately however, I could not and am still not able to find it within the top 250 results, which appears to be the cut-off point, when I search for it by name.

On my developer console, the status of the app is “published”. I was careful to not publish it under the Alpha/Beta option. The direct URL to my app is as follows:

I sent a message to Google developer support. Their response was two-fold. Firstly, they mentioned that because of their specific search algorithm, they “cannot guarantee that every app will display in the search results for its name”. Secondly, they mentioned that they have a limited number of search results (which I have figured out already) to improve user experience and if the app’s search rank for a specific term is too low, it will not be displayed in results.

This response was unhelpful to me. I would have liked some specific suggestion of how to change the name to make it more search-friendly. Is the special character “&” a problem? Is there anything else I can do to help it become searchable?

Further, they seem to suggest that you need popularity (downloads/installs/ratings) for the app to be displayed higher up on the ranking. How do you get these ratings/downloads in the first place if your app is not searchable to begin with?

At this stage, I don’t know if I’ve done something horribly wrong or if I should just be patient. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance!

In my case, our apps wan’t searchable for our keywords ( Call record ). Maybe … if your app is more downloaded and more reviewed by users , your app will be showed on google play store . After review/ download count increase, our app could be shown on google play store. maybe … the rank was 150 by the keyword ( call record).

google changed their ranking algo a few months back. it doesnt give much credit to all keywords in title. if you do a search for your app name in quotes it should pop back up. i drove over 5000 installs to a new app and it didnt help indexing. i think its a matter of waiting as im seeing it slowly go up the ranks.

Are you indulging yourself over promoting your application by taking the help from forums ShowCase my application section or over the other stores like Amazon,… etc?? Start doing it I guess the people downloading your application is getting lesser that’s the reason behind loosing the visibility. Try surging the traffic over some other places … start running PPC campaigns over the Facebook, Google etc.