App Not Appearing on Play Store via direct link. Help.

Hi All, I published my app 35+ hours ago and it has “Published” with the tick in developer console but it is not appearing in the Play Store. And by this I mean, not even the URL with the id.

The app is called 10Up and the package is

Everywhere I look says something to the effect of “don’t worry, it will come up as long as everything is all good. Just use the direct URL, may take even up to 15 hours!”

But here I am at 35+ hours and the direct link does not work.

Any clues?

About 5 hours ago I uploaded a new version of the APK to see if that helps but still nothing.
I’ve emailed Google twice now from their developer help and it says that they will get back to me 2 business days at the earliest.

It’s just frustrating as I was trying to launch on that particular day.

Anyone know anything about this?

Hey same problem bro. I have already an app there but did few updates and even very important update( gui size was too big for some people and they cannot tap). Google console says ok but still there is no new updates. :frowning:

Hey after 40 hours Google finally got back to me and said “it may take several hours etc” and how it’s not instant. Then they told me the link is live. So now it’s working.

But now I know for big launch I’ll have to upload APK 2 days before!

Did you do anything (e.g. writing to Google support)?