App Name - Zelda

I was thinking about my new app name. The game is inspired in Zelda. Will my app be banned if I use name as “app name - zelda inspired”?
And can i use Zelda in description?

Your app will be suspended immediately. No, you can’t use it even in description.

Stop at that point

I additionally concur with Magnesus. Your application will be suspended promptly. No, you can’t utilize it even in portrayal.

This is not allowed, ZERO tolerance for using Trademarks…

Maybe you could tell people to write the keyword “zelda” inside reviews. I don’t think it is forbidden, just don’t overdo it.

Any updates on the game? I checked the website and it still says “coming soon”!

No you cant, your app will be suspended and you might be suspended for life.

I wouldn’t even try it dude. As far as I know, the Zelda franchise is owned by Nintendo. So, you could get into a lot of trouble, assuming Google will even let you put it up for sale. Plus, you could kiss your credibility goodbye. It’s just not worth it.