[APP] Money Manager Master


✓Classifiable transactional financial management;

✓Multiple user accounts support;

✓Customizable charts and PDF report generation; [optional feature unlockable]

✓Smart shopping list system that allows you to create a handy checklist of recurring purchases that you can link to a money account of your choice (e.g. your cash);

✓Currency converter and Smart Convert system with support to 162 different currencies and Bitcoin virtual currency for a total of 26082 possible combinations;

✓Ability to backup or import the data archive of the app in the format “mnym” on other devices;

✓Ability to add incomes and expenses on the calendar of the device to create reminders;

✓Tens of financial utilities including Break Even calculator, Dividend payout ratio, FCNR cash certificate issue price, FCNR income deposit, Individual retirement account (IRA), Interest rate calculator, Inventory cost FIFO-LIFO, Mortgage payment calculator
Net Present Value (NPV), Retirement calculator, Return on Investment (ROI), ROCE, Total Return and VAT calculator; [Optional feature unlockable]

✓Glass Widget for easy and elegant access from your device’s home to all the functions that you may need more often;

✓AES Encryption;



Note keep the app installed some days if you uninstall too early otherwise Google rating will be damaged. I always keep the app of small developers installed at least some days to support their work.