[APP] mDroid - Money Organizer

mDroid is a fully featured money organizer where you can keep track of all your expenses and manage your every day budget.

A complete money manager that lets you control your expenses, your income and see where you money goes. Handle several accounts like your wallet, bank accounts, checking account, investments, credit card accounts, etc.


  • Manage transactions and money transfers
  • Create accounts in different currencies
  • Search for product quotes automatically in different providers without leaving your phone and save them for your wishlist. (Amazon and eBay currently supported)
  • Get automatic alerts when the is a lower price for your product wishlist.
  • Manage your bill reminders (Payment, Deposit or transfer) with 12 different schedule types and automatic mode.
  • Check your upcoming reminders for the coming months.
  • Multiple currencies support with automatic exchange rate update. You can also check your default currency to adapt your networth and reports.
  • Reports: See your spending of the month on each category, networth, in-out flow and account type, with export feature.
  • With Travel mode, you can set different travels and link them to transactions to you could centralize your expenses.
  • Spending Planner let you set up limits for your categories, see your expected income and expenses, and your projected savings for the month. On each item you can see your expending for the last months to adapt your limit accordingly.

More features to come!

Feel free to post opinions, feedback or questions! Thanks!

Link: https://market.android.com/details?id=money.main

How did you get permission to use Amazon API in your mobile app?
As far as I know they do not allow mobile apps to use the api.

Well, I just had my Amazon Affiliate account accepted and I used the link to the Market.
I didn’t see any restriction when I joined.

I did however read about that but I had a problem because I didnt have the app released, so I couldnt provide any link or feedback to Amazon. I just had to wait till it was released and then send the link. It was approved in less than 48hs so I guess there is no problem.

I will double check, just to be sure.


Edit: Just to be sure I will hiding that in an update and ask Amazon. Seems some APIs are good, others not so much.

If you do get approval then please pm me, because I wanted to add Amazon support to my app but after reading the terms and comments of users it seemed they did not allow mobile apps. It would be great if they do allow it now![hr]
btw you should add a link to the app in the market. :wink: Gonna try it now.

I’ve tried but cannot find your app in the Android Market.

I’ve added the link. Sorry I forgot to put it before and I couldn’t see your message till now.

Cool, just installed it. Will take a look at it tonight :slight_smile:
Sounds like a handy tool.