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How to increase my app downloads in play store?

Hi there, you can increase your app downloads with the following methods, they are also available for ios apps.

Search Opitmization
What is search optimization, it aim to increase your app visibility in the app stores. Because about 65% users discover new apps by browsing or searching in the app stores, then it’s one of the best app marketing methods. There are two ways to increase your app visibility in the app stores, boost app ranking and increase keywords’ coverage. To boost app ranking in the app stores, the most important part is choosing keywords, just like SEO, the relevance is important, you also take the competition and traffic into consideration, you’d better balance the competition and traffic. Besides adding the most important keywords in app title, keyword fields and descriptions, you can also buy app installs to boost your app ranking, which can boost your app ranking in hours, highly recommend.

Appeal Optimization
Appeal Optimization is as important as search optimization. Even if your app rank top 10 in app stores, app installs will remain low if users don’t immediately see the value it can have for them. You can optimize appeal from the following aspects:
[li]Creating attractive app title.[/li][li]Using eye-catching icon and screenshots and attractive videos. [/li][li]Highlight your app features and advantages in first 3~5 lines. Keep it short and simple.[/li][/ul]
Besides, you can also buy app reviews to increase the download rates, because about 95% users will take the reviews as an important reference factor to judge an app, especially for a new app, 88% users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Cooperate with Infuencers
Leveraging the power of influencers can be the best way to drive mass amounts of traffic to your mobile.Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some celebrities or well-known business people. Developing honest, authentic, and mutually beneficial relationships with influencers will go a long way in helping to promote your app.

Hope the 3 methods are useful to you.

The position of the application in Google and Apple stores is affected by the number of the installs , reviews and rates. :cool:

With the help of specialized services (e.g. Keenmobi) you can get the installs/reviews program, which will improve its position in the stores.

First: Run Facebook or Google ads. Get users who have really interest using your app.
Second: Run incent campaigns. I recommending you to buy high retention installs with minimum 7 days retention (even better with keyword search):

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App Search Optimization is the process of improving a mobile app’s visibility in the store by optimizing element likes app title, description, keywords . This is a cost effective technique to increase your app downloads. And also you need to promote your app in the web by making a website for your app with avideo how your app works and writing a good content about your app and how its is benefitial. If your app is being downloaded you can ask them to rate and write reviews for your app.