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Hey whatsup Guys! This is my first post here on the forums but after reading some other posts it looks like a great community! Anyways i was making this post to see if anyone had any recommendations on some free marketing software that’ out there. Like something that can run on autopilot while i’m away and gather email leads or contact information. Seems too good to be true, i am almost done developing my application and really looking for some really powerful promotion methods. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated and i will reciprocate any new information i learn in the process. :cool:

Haven’t found anything free…and what i found is more analytics as opposed to autopilot…like

Its fact that you can’t get powerful promotion methods with the free app marketing software. You can get many software for free but not much effected. Instead of that go with the best app marketing company which provides powerful services. Good luck!!

My experience shows, that free progs are not really useful, if you need a professional performance.

I have a feeling most of the posts in this thread if not all are by the same person representing app2o…


If you want to use email marketing, please try this Email Marketing 24/7 app:
If you want to use sms marketing, please try Mobile SMS Marketing app:

Those apps are good for business, have optin and optout features and a lot…

You can do cross-promotion with some app developers to get installs for free, if you have traffic for exchange