App live for 4 days, not a single install?

I launched an alarm clock app in the Google Play store 4 days ago and my stats show it hasn’t been installed even once…any idea what might cause this? I’m really confused how that could be possible since the keywords are in the title and description but still no downloads.

Same happens with many of my apps. I don’t give it a shit and move on. U can however try review and rating exchange on this forum

Does that basically mean it’s dead on arrival and won’t get any installs…? Is it worth reuploading or something?

U can try updating your description with 4-5% keyword density of word alarm. May b that could help.

Alarm clock should be in Tools category. Have you created other apps in Tools category before? If not, I think it will be difficult to get new downloads. I try to upload a game before in new category and it was in the same situation as your app.

Well, that may have happen because of many reason like your application may not be loved by others, your application may not be seen by others, you may have not concentrated over the promotion of your app… etc I would say better would be look over the competition and concentrate over the application promotion.

I tried adding more words to the description and changing the category to Tools from Utilities. Thanks for the input, hopefully this helps.

Promote your app to get downloads and submit it on app reviews site. Take help of social media and tell people about your app.