App is published on GP but Uninstallable

Hello Friends
I have published few apps on Google Play , and they passed the publishing process and available on the app store now ,
but the strange issue that they are uninstallable from the Web Browser or Google play app ,
on the web browser it said This app is incompatible with all of your devices. and in GP app it said "Error Install - you need to sign in to your account " , Although I am able to install other apps normally
Have you faced the same issue before , DO you think it is a matter or time only or should I remove the apps and publish them again ?
Thank you

Hello ! i have uploaded app yesterday and got same issue, don’t know what happen :confused:

It turns out that I have to complete the rating questionnaire .
Once I completed it the app become install-able in minutes

I have the same problem… I had rating questionnaire… I don’t know what is wrong:/

my apps still get approved without rating questionaire and they install and uninstall just fine on my device.

It must be some random bug:/ if tomorrow app will be still unavailable to install i will unpublish it and publish again

yes this is happening to me right now with a just published app… I think it will be fine in a day

same here, I am updating new apk, just in case… also tonight something really weird happened to GP, one of my apps that was ranked in the top is now at position number 70 searching for the same words as the name of the app, thats not possible as there are just a couple of apps with similar content…

EDIT: indeed I started a new questionarie and after 10 minutes the app become installable

I unpublished my app and published again and change .apk file and it is fine now;)

I have been holding publishing a new app, just in case. Is it solved yet?

If someone else noticed same issue even if questionare was filled-> start and fill new questionare, it worked for me :slight_smile:

In my case changing description solved problem.

I think that you need to do anything which triggers update of app.

yea just “start and fill new questionare” and in 2 min it is downloadable. No need to unpublish and republish

Last time GP has really sad problems… First number of installs dissapear and now there is problem with download new apps… Maybe their servers was off for some time;P