App is not searchable in google play store


My app is not searchable in google play store. The only way to access the app is to go through “More apps by developer”

Even if I write the exact same name of the app it doesn’t show any result. I uploaded the app yesterday. How long should I wait?

You should wait at least a few more days before it gets indexed, you should also get some downloads and ratings by then.

how to get downloads if it is not appearing in search results ?`

Google is very generous)) They will give eventually some downloads to any app that is newly uploaded, it’s just how their algorithm works I guess…anyways, currently it’s a well known issue that it’s taking longer for the apps to appear in the search results, just be patient.

It is showing up if you search for the package name:

Search terms like CAT, exam, and prep seem to have tonnes of results so it might take a little while for your new app to bubble up.

Mine’s not even showing up with more apps by developer yet. Of course, it’s been 8 hours since I released it. I released it this morning.

Mine is in the search results when I search for partial or exact name and is available - an hour or two after releasing. Maybe Google marks some apps as less trusted by keywords or something (and checks them more thoroughly which slows down showing up in search results?) and some as more trusted or the delays depend on country?

Well that’s very possible. I do remember when it took only a couple of hours to see an app appear. Mine’s a fairly common app.

i still can’t understand how the googleplay search works…for the first 2-3 days my app (named dino dance) would appear only if you searched for “dino” but not for “dance”…yesterday it finally popped up also when searching for “dance”…but what i don’t get is why, all of a sudden, this afternoon it disappeared again under the “dance” search.

I mean, this morning it was still there, and it was on the 14th row, now it doesn’t appear anymore at all, not even after the “show more” button…the weird thing is that today i am having the highest number of played matches, so it should go up in the market rankings, not disappear…

I published my new app Friday afternoon and 24 Hours later it’s not yet online on Google Play. I still have the message “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server”…

standard these days

Ah really, i remember in the past when 30- 45 min later the app was publish/updated…
Thanks you, i feel less anxious…

3 days later and no publish… a bit frustrate.