App Indexing - a chance?

Hi all,

I have recently received an email from Google with such information (among others):

“App Indexing, now driving app installs as well as engagement
If you’ve enabled App Indexing by adding deep link support to your app, users who don’t have your app installed will now see install buttons for your app on the Google Search results page. App Indexing will also continue to power deep links into your Android app from the Search results page, letting users with your app installed get to your native mobile experience quickly.”

Neither SEO nor ASO have been ever my field of expertise. Could somebody please help and explain - how do I use deep links within games? Will it be of any use to us indie devs?

donot think app indexing will work, people just dont update their apps, it also requires work both on the website front and in app also. It should be rather easy if google starts showing apps in search page the same way as it does with images and youtube videos.that will be more helpful. google does snow some app links but not all, instead if a small app list like the one for images which shows 4-5 images simultaneoulsy on search page should be usefull for multiple app developers driving traffic to app

It’s actually much easier to rank a Play Store app in search results on than a website. Type let’s say " make money with android " on your PC and than on your mobile phone and see the difference. On mobile google shows a lot more apps lately, SEO is a good source to get downloads