MathOperations is CREVO.CO’s first puzzle game that will allow kids to have some brainstorming while solving classic math problems.

The game is unique and interesting in the sense that you will need to solve math equations using BODMAS rule with limited time period of 60 seconds. Faster you solve, more points you will get. Game itself is very intuitive and allow user to learn from basic to very complex math equations. Though, it only involves basic operators i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division but still! Imagine hard mode with 3 digit operands and result is negative, and you have to solve it in 60 seconds.

This game has been awarded first price in local game development competition. You will love this game and that’s what CREVO.CO guarantee!!

Enjoy and have fun! Suggestions and feedback is very important for me so whatever you have in your mind just shoot it here. Thanks


So far, I am getting a very positive response from all over the world. Of course not like Angry Birds but this experiment is going great. There were a lot of friends who helped me and I am thankful to them. Because of their help I was able to release new version of MathOperations on Google Play and its live btw so you can download from your devices.

Following are the new changes for this release (1.3) of MathOperations

Before all my game progress was saving in Preferences (SharedPreferences of Android) but it was reported that game progress was resetting whenever game was forced closed. According to Android Groups this is still an issue and has not been solved yet. So, in this new version I am using SQLite to save my game progress. So far, its working great and If you lose your game state again please report directly from your mobile devices.

Another bug was related to Audio. One of my friend reported that application didn’t respond on wrong answer and it crashed. This wasn’t happening in all devices. He reported that error and I found out the GC was destroying media object. It has been fixed btw.

One BIG mistake was that my game was unmovable. So, it wasn’t installing on SD card and as Its 6Mb game, alot of users un-installed it. Now, you can install directly on SD card.

Thats all for now… You can download “MathOperations” from Google Play, Amazon AppStore, GetJar.com, and AndroidPIT.com.

Enjoy & have fun!! More GREAT stuff is coming soon… If you like MathOperations, please share it to your friends because CREVO.CO is nothing without the support and love of people.