[APP][FREE]App Backup and Restore to sd

This is the smart and Intelligent Backup restore app for android.
App Backup & Restore is used to backup and restore apps for android.

  • Backup apps to SD card(can not backup copyright protected App).
  • Batch backup.
  • App backup to sd as well as external sdcard.
  • Backup market link for apps
  • Restore apps from SD card
  • Batch restore
  • Quick uninstall
  • Sort apps by name, size, date
  • Auto backup on install
  • Show storage usage
  • Multi version backup
  • Search app from Google market
  • Send apk file by email
  • Share market link
  • Support App2SD
  • Delete app.
  • change backup path.
  • Show system apps.
    Intelligent Features:
    -auto save to external sdcard when available.
    -suggest better backup path.

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*** Notice: App Backup cannot backup data or game progress or cache of apps for you, but it only backup the apk files.


Q: Why some Apps are orange and some are white?
A:The apps that are green in color are already backup in backup tab and are already installed in restore tab i.e apps that are already installed or backup in respective tabs are green.
Q: Why can’t I restore apps?
A: Go to “System Settings”->“Applications”, enable the “Unknown sources” setting, then you can restore apps from SD card.
Q: Does it backup data of apps?
A: No, currently it only backup the apk files of apps.
Q: How can I send the archived app to drop box?
A: It requires the dropbox already installed in your phone, click “Restore” Tab, long click on the app that you want to send, then click “Dropbox”.
Q: How to check all not backup or not-installed apps?
A: Click on the checkbox in the left bottom. The checkbox on left bottom has the “check all not backup” function. There’re three states: 1.all white=uncheck all 2. all blue= check all 3. green color square=select all not backup
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here is the link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devankit.backrestore