App for Kids get massive 1 star rating

I have an draw app for kids, but i get many 1 star rating. May be they don’t know what 5 start is.
Anyone have experience how to reduce this?

Isn’t it normal these days to get a lot of 1 stars without reviews? All my apps start ratings went way down in the recent months and a new game - although very popular - has only 3.6-3.7 rating. If anyone knows a solution, I would welcome it (for now I just try to fix even very rare issues and ask for review only old users).

don’t get me wrong, but maybe your app is just bad?

you will always have 1-stars. mostly without any comment. Most of them are just haters, they hate to hate :slight_smile: many others just have wrong expectations about the game and are frustrated then.

No, my app is coloring game for kids and it not bad, they are most below 5 year old (USA) .
1 star about 18%. I guess they can not read and understand, just random click on 1 star and no comment.
Or their parent see ads and give it 1 star? It just a small banner(admob) and i think if they complaint, they will leave comment.

1 reason i guess is someone see my app ranking rise up fast and they give 1 star rating to destroy my app :). It’s now 3.5 star:(

ads are not suited for a 5 year old kid, because parents have no control over what their children will see - it is possible that you got 1stars because of that - I often see such kids-apps for purchase only and I also saw a lot of bad reviews about having ads in a kids game.

Have you tried putting an adfree version online? I don’t think that 5 year old even know how to rate an app.

You could look into crash reports - maybe the game is crashing for people? Even though your app is aimed at children it might be the parents who are giving you 1 star. And what is your average star rating? Most apps have a lot of 1 star ratings. I am not sure if 18% is high or not. Some people also have completely shitty phones, are you sure your game works on them? Maybe it doesn’t and they leave 1 star reviews because of that (you could probably look what devices give you the most 1 star reviews or which countries).

Also since a few months 1 star reviews are often from people who don’t like or understand the new feature of recommended apps on Google Play. And rating is so easy now that 5 year olds shouldn’t have any problem with that.

May be i will try ads free version. But many app like that have high star with ads :slight_smile:

May app use much memory (bitmap processing) so sometime it crash on some low end device. But it rarely occur(0.005%).
For low end device i can not find how to fix that, always


Android more hard for dev because it’s have many device, screen resolution, memory… and software finish

An now it’s 3.5 star :frowning:

Have you tried using Mobile Advertising Network for Kids Apps, Advertise, Monetize, Developer, Mobile Ad Network | Ad4kids

I have tried it and please let me know if anyone is willing know my view.


Well, I think may be kids know what 1 star it what I think is there is some lagging, which is getting you a single star I’ll say try looking more closely for errors, other than this is isn’t anyway for you to reduce those one star !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you post the link somewhere so we can see the app ? But yea kids mostly drop 1 stars because they dont get hot to rate.

Well, I want’t to ask you one more thing How can you be so much sure that only kids are rating your application ??? I mean that rating could be given by the parents or … !! Because I don’t think kids are … allowed to freely access !!!

Not exactly on topic but…I once spent a LOT of time coding and perfecting an app for kids to learn the colors. Anyway, after publishing I got something like 2-3 downloads per day :slight_smile: with bad ratings. My opinion, making apps for kids is a waste of time, money, nerves etc.

A little cheap philosophy: Do kids want to play kids games?

Yes… but Angry birds, not ours :cool:

Well, if I consider about the recent trend I don’t think that kids want to play kids game rather than they are more interested in playing fighting games or can say games like candy crush or … why don’t you try to make some games like it ??

I have about the same problem; my app is meant for adults, but is is rated by children. They seem the only persons that rate my app, and their mean age seems about 12. I also get 5 star ratings of them, but it feels like you are among the kanibals, so to speak. So I have to bend my head for the caprices of a 11 year old girl, who decides in her great wisdom that there is a lot of bullshit in my explanation how to use the app. Putting it on a maturity level does not work, as hardly any parent checks the phones of these problem kids.
I posted about it here:

Have you tried commenting on those reviews? The e-mail about the comment will most likely go to the parent of the child.

Yes, and I made it worse… I commented on a girl with this kind of remark; “Thank you very much for your rating, but probably you are a bit to young to appreciate this app.” An hour later I had four new one star ratings. She had mobilized her friends to nuke me. I tried to remove the answer, but you can not remove it completely, only change the text, so I changed it in something more neutral like: “Did you check your settings?”

haa… haaa i can’t stop laughing on this !! that’s why it is said that always be alert from the … :wink: