[APP] Facr - Face Recognition

Facr is my most complex and time consuming app until now. It’s about face recognition of facebook friends.

Check out the Video, it will tell you the most you need to know:

Actually it is my first paid app. I made some good experiences with ad-driven soundboards last year, but google blocked/deleted my apps after about 100k downloads :frowning: If some one likes I’m willing to write a little about the rise and fall of my soundboards in another thread.

Android Market:

I see what you did there… SPAMMER -.-

I’ve reported the post also - saw this post on nearly every forum out there …

Thanks guys - I’ve marked the post by sarahbriggs25 as spam.

Regarding your app, Facr - I think it’s a great idea. I tried it out with a few pictures of my friends, and it worked surprisingly well. It’s a little creepy, but fun to use :slight_smile:

I did encounter one major issue though, on my device running Android 4.0. When pressed “Train”, I didn’t see any immediate feedback. Sometimes a few of the list items would say “Processing…”, but sometimes clicking that menu item would simply have no effect. Some kind of visual indicator to show progress would be helpful here.

Apart from that, it’s a great app concept and I look forward to seeing how it progresses in the future.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll have a look at the userlist part of the app.

I’m currently having so many ideas for apps but very limited time for developing them. there should be a place where you can sell/post your idea and get in contact with an developer. Like an appincubator (I know there is one from MEDL but I’m looking for one which brings developers and creative people together)

btw. I’ve seen your trollface app. Which facerecognition API did you use ? the one from android or the one from OpenCV ?

I just used the Android face recognition library. I’m not very happy with the speed though - for this purpose I can only really process one or two frames per second. I’d be interested in looking at OpenCV if it can give some significant speed improvements (even sacrificing accuracy to achieve near-realtime tracking).

I’ve addressed the misleading parts in the userlist of my app.

btw. the troll face app didn’t work on my ICS Galaxy Nexus, neither the menu nor the troll faces did appear…

Thanks for that feedback, I’ll have to check it out. ICS seems to break so many things…

I’ve tested your latest update, and it does explain things much better now. At first I thought the friends were being processed on the phone, but the new popup text makes it clear that I have to refresh to see any changes in progress.

I’ve updated my app in mid of april with age and mood recognition :slight_smile: try it out :smiley: