App Discoverability!

It’s not secret to make your app app visible - you need to generate installs to boost traffic and affect the ranking algorithm. Accordingly a lot of users order app installs from providers to increase the position.

Here I want to notice that in order to be visible for target audience within search result you need to be suggested in list by special keyword which is relevant for your app and used by users frequently for searching your type of app.

KeenMobioffer you [b]ASO service[/b] with helps you to grab top traffic keywords and optimize the title and description of your application. We offer:
*semantic core of competitive keywords;

*competitors analyze;

*title and description optimization;

*visual app improvement;

*keyword installsdriving.[/i][/b]

All these steps will guarantee you search visibility and growth of keyword ranking.

Do not neglect the powerful tool to market your app in right way!:rolleyes: