App development programs for an amateur

Is anyone familiar with a good institution in Canada where I can learn android app development? There is this place here in Ontario called Cestar College. The thing is that, it is a private institution. Will it be a good option to get certified from such institutions?

Most app development environments will have tutorials available. I use AGK2 ( which has tutorials. It compiles for both Android and iOS using the same source code.

I went through few tutorials on youtube before. I realized that I will need some training. Videos alone won’t help me. I went through Google Reviews on Cestar College. It has pretty good reviews. Their website doesn’t seem to have any details about the course :expressionless: Mobile Application Developer | Cestar College. Can you tell me what all the should be covered in an app development program?

What are some tips for amateur app developers -

  1. Follow android Design Guidelines

  2. Keep Up With Latest Trends

  3. Listen To User Input

  4. Immerse Yourself in Android

  5. Develop For Multiple Devices