[APP] Call Filter Plus


Call filter Plus


This is my humble attempt to create an effective yet easy to use call blocker (which I intend to expand further). I am a professional android developer (freelance) and staring to explore the app market.

This is my first app and first post on this forum so kindly bear :blush:

this version is free and ad supported(AdMob , Madvertise and LeadBolt) . I am experimenting with different ad networks and look forward to share my income experience with this group.
Would loe to hear review (both bouquet and brickbats) and ideas to take my app forward.

PS: you can scan the below QR Code from your android to directly go to the app on appstore


Looks good to me. The AdMob ads are nicely placed (haven’t seen Madvertise or LeadBolt yet), and the app feels simple but functional. I can definitely see this coming in handy when I want to only accept important calls.

A small recommendation for future updates - you could put a link to “Rate this app” on Google Play (or whatever other app stores you’re targetting). In my experience, putting this simple link inside the app results in a lot more positive ratings. You could even put a link to your developer profile, to help promote your other apps if you make some more.


Im looking to jazz up the interface with a professional designer. Right now the look and feel is pretty bland but I am satisfied with the response on android market (~70 installs, 14 active in first month)

Maybe I’ll release an update next month and will also look to add the ratings feature.