[APP][5.0+][WEAR][WATCHFACE] TimeLeft : The Anti-Watchface

Well it nothing but a watch face which runs backwards. See how much time left in the day.

Why should you even use this ?
1. Well there are some days you just want to end.
2. Take 2 seconds when someone asks you the time.
3. Look cool when someone points out your time is wrong. make em look stupid instead.
4. Keep up with you math skills throughout the day with constant subtractions.
5. Race against time.
6. Make a life changing decision.

Still not satisfied , look at these reviews :

“Makes you the master of time.” - wifehacker.com

“The future is the past, The past is the future.” - androidsorority.com

“Time Travel made easy.” - scienceyesterday.com


Nice app, would definitely like to have it.