[APP][4.0+] Commands Launcher


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Hi all :slight_smile:
This is my first “real” application. I done only CyanogenMod themes until now. For learning something about Android programming, I developed a small app, Commands Launcher.
It is very simple: you can define commands (only shortcuts actually) that you can use in a widget (homescreen and lockscreen).
I hope to add more features in the future, but as I’m an university student at the last year, I won’t have much free time.

-homescreen and lockscreen widgets
-Homescreen widget with a list of the commands defined (better than folders, it has an unlimited capacity and helps in saving space)
-Lockscreen widget [only from Android 4.2] that allows you to run commands directly from the lockscreen, without unlocking the device (note that this obviously won’t work if you have a pin /password security for the lockscreen)

-side scrolling menù for helping app’s navigation
-view of commands defined in a list
-backup and restore your commands in and from sd card
-three themes: light, dark, black (black is useful for amoled users, it will displays better and will save battery)
-four different transitions types between app’s page

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Enjoy :smiley:

I installed the game and gave you g+, 5stars and positive review as Mateusz Gaweł. Please do the same for my app.


done it :slight_smile:

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done it :slight_smile: