[APP][4.0.3+][FREE] Prava - Group Travel Made Easy v1.2.1

Traveling with friends and family is fun but clunky - you have to juggle different tools / apps before the trip, during the trip and after the trip. Need an easier way? Say hello to Prava.

Watch the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SPRfHLjYBs

Highlights -

[li]Plan the trip - Create your trip group, discuss and together build the trip itinerary / agenda.
[/li][li]Make the trip - Capture and instantly share photos, expenses, your location and notes of the trip with your trip group.
[/li][li]Share the trip - Showcase the trip photos and trip notes to your contacts and other Prava users. Let them get inspired and connect with you.
[/li][li]Explore trips - Discover trips showcased by your contacts and other Prava users, connect with them, get inspired and plan your next trip.

Details -

[li]Free app, No ads (Android platform – releasing shortly for iOS).
[/li][li]Fun UI (Google Material Design Framework).
[/li][li]Create offline - No Internet? No problem! Use without the need for an Internet connection, and all shared items you create will be instantly synchronized with your trip group as and when you are connected to the Internet.
[/li][li]Amazing controls for privacy and sharing - Want to keep all aspects of the trip to yourself? Sure! Need to record an expense just for you? Done! Want to share some photos with your trip group or publish them to all Prava users? Easy as 123!
[/li][li]All your trips in one place - Secure storage on cloud. Get back all your trips even if you change phones.
[/li][li]The name - ‘Prava’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Pravasa’ meaning Journey!

We would love to share more details with you. Please reach out to us with your feedback or for any clarifications.