[App][4.0.3+] Daily Masala provides what you want to see

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  1. What’s it for?
    Daily Masala is the SMARTEST infomation app gathering information for you. It’s a mind reader to bring you whatever you are interested in your city, your country and the world. This is not an NEWS app because what you need is not only the news.
  2. I cannot find all the features to fulfill Product Manager Achievements.
    Actually it has more power than thought, some features will appear in some special cases. Use more, and you will find it later.
    3.What can you get?
    It will provide more exquisite information and shocking functions.
    Enrich your knowledge——Anywhere, anytime you can find happiness here. What we have here is more than jokes.

I found some users are not familiar with many features of the app, so I will collect some tips to help.
1)Offline reading——You can read everywhere without an Internet.
2)Customized for you——Daily Masala will delivery the stories only what you are interested, add some Masala in your life.
3Real-time information——Latest news and stories, all you have to do is open your app.
4)International and local news——you are going international, you are going international…… Both international and local news make you very international!
5)Diverse categories——Daily Masala covers fields including entertainment, sports, health, life, technology, art and motors, etc. What is surprising, it also provides along with themes which is exclusive and creative.

That is what Daily Masala can give you at present.We are still keeping working to make it better.So download Daily Masala and keep it updated. If you have any questions and suggestions for us, please contact us by the email [email protected].