[APP][2.3+][FREE] WhereRYou

WhereRYou(v 1.1)
Free on Google Play
- play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aplication.gps.gpsaplication
This is a mobile application that will help you to know where is device (person) located right now. Why do you need this?

[li]You will be able to determine exactly where your friends , colleagues, parents or any other users of the application (of course only if they want:)) are located.
[/li][li]This application can also be useful for companies who need to define the exact coordinates of their employees.
[/li][li]If you lose your phone , or someone stole it , with the help of this application you can easily find it
[/li][li]This app detects your location by network and gps and sends it to the server. It will be work in service so even if this app closed it will still work, but you can cancel it in settings.
This version may have different bags and errors. So I want you help me to find it. If you have any suggestions please contact me here or by e-mail - [email protected] Thanks.

It seems to be a nice app, hope it works on my device.