[App][2.2+][Free/Paid] Penguin Pet Live Wallpaper

Hi, This is my second live wallpaper. It’s called “Penguin Pet Live Wallpaper”. Basically it’s a live wallpaper with Tamagotchi-like virtual pet concept. User can feed him, bath him, and do a lot of stuff.


Free limited version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dutadev.lwp.penguinfree

Full version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dutadev.lwp.penguin

Video demo:

★★★ Concept ★★★
This is virtual pet live wallpaper with Tamagotchi concept which you have to take care of your penguin pet. You need to give him food, play with him, and keep him healthy by bathing him. This live wallpaper come with happiness, energy, and health indicator to help you keep track on your pet’s condition.

★★★ Pet Animation ★★★
This cute little penguin called Piroo. He will sleep, play, roll and do a lot of cute animation on your home screen. Touch him to wake him up and play with him. Try to caress him to make him happy. Touch at an empty area to pet him by dropping his favorite food. Bathe him to keep him healthy. Try to playing some music and see him dancing and singing.

★★★ Theme ★★★
This live wallpaper come with 3 different interactive themes (Day, Dawn, Night). Featuring piroo’s penguin friends that going somwehere in the day to hunting some fish and going back at dawn with their food. they are responding to touch event too.

★★★ Screenshot ★★★
You can take a screenshot of your beloved pet by tapping on camera icon. You can show and hide this camera icon in live wallpaper setting. Your screenshot will be saved on PenguinLiveWallpaper folder.
This is why we need EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

★★★ Instruction ★★★

  • When Happiness Indicator is low, Piroo will show sad animation. Caress him (by swiping on screen) to make him happy again.
  • When Energy Indicator is low, that mean Piroo is hungry. Give him food by tapping on empty area on screen. Feeding will also increase his happiness level.
  • When Health indicator is low, he will get sick. Give him medical treatment by tap on injection button and then tap on Piroo. To keep him healthy, bathe him regularly by tap on shampoo button and then swipe on Piroo.
  • Each food has a different effect on the happiness, energy, and health.
  • Go to wallpaper setting → profile, to set pet’s name, owner’s name and enable name plat on live wallpaper

★★★ Features ★★★
~ Various cute penguin animation
~ Feeding animation with various choice of food
~ Caress animation (swipe on Piroo to make him happy)
~ Bathe animation (activate bath button and swipe on Piroo)
~ Happiness, Energy, and Health Indicator (set position and color on setting)
~ Dance animation when user playing music on background
~ Profile setting (pet’s name and owner’s name)
~ Screenshot
~ Interactive day theme (snow fall effect with some penguins sliding and walking in background)
~ Interactive dawn theme (snow fall effect with some penguins walking their food in background)
~ Night theme (snow fall effect)
~ Portrait and Landscape orientation support
~ Tablet support
~ Small battery usage
~ MoveToSD support

If you like cute animal or a penguin lover, then this would be the best virtual pet live wallpaper for you =)

To open and setting up your live wallpaper: Home-> Press menu-> wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers.