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[APP][2.1+][FREE] MTG Wishlist: Track prices of Magic The Gathering singles

MTG Wishlist is a Magic The Gathering based app that allows saving your wanted Magic The Gathering cards in a quick way directly on your device showing the pictures, live prices from several famous webstores, card text, available expansion sets and more useful data for collecting and trading in your local currency.

MTG Wishlist contains a full offline cards database, that offers the autocomplete feature when inserting or looking for cards or the chance to check the available Expansion Sets for every card. Perform searches by advanced filters such as artist, color or card type.
Be patient with the initial load, there are more than 20,000 cards to be loaded!

MTG Wishlist displays live card prices for Magic The Gathering singles directly from the following webstores and make them available Offline:

-TCG Player (Low, Average and High prices)
-AdventuresON (Normal and Foil prices)
-Black Border (Normal and Foil prices)
-Deck Tutor (Low, Average, Foil and Japanese/Korean/Russian prices)
-Magic Card Market (Low, Estimated and Foil prices)
-Card Shark (Low and Foil prices, also MTGO prices)
-Channel Fireball (Normal and Foil prices)
-Magic Online Traders League (MTGO Low, Average and High prices)
-Card Place (Russian prices)

In addition, every card is linked to the following sites:

-Gatherer (Official Wizards database)
-TC Decks (Search through decks)
-Star City Games
-Cool Stuff Inc.
-Card Haus
-ABU Games
-Card Kingdom
-Cape Fear Games
-Cardshop Serra (Japan)
-MTG Fanatic
-MTGO Traders
-Bazaar Games (UK)
-Manaleak (UK)
-Ebay (US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, France)
-Evolution (Spain)
-MTG Decks

You can also define a Custom Value for each listed card and even a custom currency for it. To show it on the main list menu, select Custom Store on Store settings menu. Receive notifications when a listed card is cheaper than the inserted Custom Value or when a store has new Top Sells.
Selecting a preferred store on settings menu will make it appear on the main list, be used for sorting or calculating the total price.

Want a list for your deck and other for your trades? Create multiple lists.

All the displayed information can be hidden in order to reduce the data traffic and processor operations. Hide undesired stores, add columns to the lists, stop loading images to make it lighter and faster…MTG Wishlist is a customizable tool for your collections and trades.

Listed cards can be searched and displayed in all MTG available languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian and Chinese), if they exist for that card, depending on your device language.

To enable all these features, ensure that added card names are correctly spelt in English or the “Check Foreign cards” setting is enabled. Card prices in foreign languages can be displayed only if the expansion set is the right one.

Card lists can be sorted and filtered by different qualifiers such as card type, price set, color and even artist.

Import from Magic Card Market sells or CSV zipped files, export to Magic Workstation, Cockatrice or CSV. Share your lists.

MTG Wishlist is being updated regularly to offer new features. Suggest us what you want or miss by leaving your feedback.

Visit our FAQ site:

MTG Wishlist is originally a Chrome Extension, check it on the Chrome Webstore

Check MTG Wishlist on Google Play

Check it on:
[li]Google Play
[/li][li]Amazon Store
[/li][*]Samsung Apps[/ul]

Hi all!

We’ve recently updated MTG Wishlist with some new features

[li]Share lists as a screenshot
[/li][li]New Magic Card Market Prices (Sell, AVG, and Low Ex+)
[/li][li]New Sets up to Khans of Tarkir including Magic 2015, Conspiracy and FTV Annihilation
[/li][li]Total value for single cards (quantity * value) on Pro version
[/li][li]Some fixes

We’re still working on improving your experience with the app, so please tell us any doubt, issue, suggestion you might have. You’ll find it as usual on Google Play

If you perhaps play YuGiOh, we’ve released a version of it: YuGiOh! Wishlist

Yesterday we released the new version of MTG Wishlist for Android including these features:

[li] Autocomplete in device’s language (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, Russian and Japanese). Requires internet connection
[/li][li] Searches available also looking for cards containing the search criteria instead of starting with it
[/li][li] Fixed missing Journey to Nyx, M15 and Conspiracy cards in some devices

Check it for free!

Hi guys,

we’ve recently released MTG Wishlist version with some new features:

New sets:
[li] Fate Reforged
[/li][li] Dragons of Tarkir
Full spoiler:
[li] Commander 2014
[/li][li] Salvat
[/li][li] Salvat 2011
Larger pictures while tapping on the card image in the detail screen, just like this:

Added some translations:
[li] Chinese
[/li][li] Japanese
[/li][li] Korean
Fixed Magic Card Market basic land prices. In order to retrieve prices of different specific versions, type it in the notes field, for example: “Version 2”
Some fixes

As usual, we’re open to your suggestions!

Hi all!

We’ve released the version of MTG Wishlist, it includes the following new features:

[li]Search in multiple languages (all available MTG languages)
[/li][li]Shadows over Innistrad preview
[/li][li]Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed
[/li][li]Zendikar Expeditions
[/li][li]Added Card Number to the card details
[/li][li]Fixed Deck Tutor prices
[/li][li]Fixed broken links

As usual, we’re open to suggestions in order to improve it for you.

MTG Wishlist is free and available on Google Play

Let us know your thoughts!