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[APP][2.0+][FREE] Night City Live Wallpaper HD


A stunning timelapse city at night panorama in HD resolution. Night city live wallpaper HD come moving clouds animation, streaks of traffic, and fluorescent streetlight.

Grap it for FREE!! (No Ads) :


  • Options to control winds direction and speed
  • Options to toggle airplane animation
  • Respond to home screen switching
  • Portrait and landscape support
  • Tablet support
  • HD resolution
  • Smooth animation
  • MoveToSD support

— PRO version user feature —

There are two kinds SKY TYPE that you can choose: Cloudy or Starry

For cloudy type, You can:

  • Set different cloud type.
  • Set the sky color for normal, overlay and dynamic color
  • Set the sky color overlay

Starry sky come with moon and shooting star animation. You can:

  • Set the star speed
  • Choose the moon size
  • Choose the shooting star (meteor) rate

— Other PRO version feature —

  • Animated building light
  • Set the traffic speed setting

If you like time lapse of a night city, then this would be the best Night City Live Wallpaper for you =)