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[APP][1.6+] Sliding Jigsaw

Tired of running virtually (while sitting idle) on your mobile device? Want to activate
your brain by doing some brain exercise? There is a very good puzzle game app
for Android based devices. Many of you might have played this puzzle game in your
childhood. This puzzle – Sliding Jigsaw, is the electronic form of a very old
mechanical puzzle.

It has a very neat and clean user interface. It does not access or store any private
data from your mobile.

You can create different players to play and compete this puzzle. When you open it
for the first time, it will ask for the player name. Just enter your name and then you
can start the game.

When you start the game, you see a grid of numbers. You have to arrange the
numbers in increasing order horizontally by sliding them. There is one blank box in
the grid. You can slide any numbered box which is adjacent to the blank one.

This puzzle game has three styles (modes): Number, Alphabet, and Picture. In
picture style, you can get the hint also, by pressing the ‘Menu’ button and then
choosing the ‘Hint’ option on your phone.

This puzzle game has three difficulty levels: Novice, Intermediate, and Proficient
The free version has one level of difficulty while the pro version (it does not have
ads) has all three levels of difficulty. In pro version, you can choose any picture from

your phone’s Gallery and play the game on the selected picture in picture style.
This puzzle game keeps best scores for every registered player on your phone. It

also keeps the best scores for every style and level.

What’s more, it can be played on Android tablets too!

You can click on the ‘Instructions’ button on the ‘Main menu’ and see all the

instructions before playing it.

Happy playing!
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