【APP】【1.1+】【Limit free】【photo】Instant ID Photo

Sorry for bothering you. This is Lulu Wang, from Leqi Technology Co.,Ltd. of China.
Please allow me to introduce our APP, Instant ID Photo, a camera application which can help users to DIY their ID photos for passport, driving license, visa etc., easier, smarter and more beautiful. Now It is just available on App Store, (download promotion code: REER6EA4WTJA). We wish you could evaluate our APP to make more users know it and make it help more users.
Compared with other similar apps, our app has the following prominent characteristics deserved to be reported:
Intellgient background/foreground segmentation using advanced deep learning technologyInstant ID photo utilizes our excellent intelligent face/hair/head/shoulder segmentation technology, which can automatically segment out the user head-shoulder part pretty well even under complex background. So the users can seamlessly replace original photo background with any color they wanted without applying any complex PS steps.
• Smart cropping
Instant ID Photo has provided almost all sizes of commly used ID photos. Users do not need to check the specifications of ID photo and crop the photo size manually. Only by one shot, our app can crop size as your wish automatically.
• Natural beautification
The embeded face beautification engine can automatically analyze the face/image information such as the age, gender, ethnicity, illumination condition etc, and make the ID photos look as nice as users really are. Of course users also can manually enlarge eyes, shrink mouth, remove the speckles, brighten skin tone etc as they wish.
Here is some background information about our compay for your reference: Our company has many years research& developping experience in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence, especially in face detection/recognition, OCR, human detection/tracking. Our core algorithms have been applied in many products successfully. Instant ID photo is one of our recently released app built on our technology. Besides this, we have other two Apps available on Appstore: KeepCap & Duolaimeifa(sorry only in Chinese)